Crowdfunding to Build Independence by Emily Best (Video)


Emily Best, Founder and CEO of Seed&Spark discusses that the only proven path to independence as an artist is a direct connection to your audience.

The 2014 Indie Memphis Film Festival hosted a series of speakers and panels entitled “Indie Talks”. One of the most engaging speakers was Emily Best from Seed&Spark.

Emily gives an excellent presentation on best practices and tips for crowdfunding, no matter if you are using Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or Seed&Spark.

If you aren’t aware of Seed&Spark, it is a crowdfunding and distribution platform specifically geared for filmmakers.  Not only can you use the site to raise funds, you are encouraged to build a community and then ultimately distribute the finished film on the site.

One of the best features of the site is creating a “Wishlist” of the specific needs you are raising funds. So, your post-production fundraising campaign may feature the money needed to pay the composer, color grading, sound mixing, editor and festival fees. You can feature those specific needs and crew members on the Wishlist and create suggested donations. This is really effective, if your crew is helping you with your crowdfunding efforts, then the friends of the composer for instance are more likely to give knowing it will directly benefit their friend.

Take a look at the talk presented by Seed&Spark and Tugg, this two-hour session for film-related projects will provide the crowdfunding action plan most likely to create a lasting, flourishing, direct relationship with your audience.


There is a wealth of supporting content available HERE on the Seed&Spark website.


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