Kickstarter: The Color of Fire


The Color of Fire documentary by Dorian Warneck: A 15 year old enlists as a German soldier under Hitler’s rule for the last month of WWII. 70 yrs. later, he revisits those experiences.

This Kickstarter really grabbed my attention, the filmmaker is telling a complicated story about his father, who was a German soldier at a very young age. The imagery in the trailer is beautiful and the story appears to explore pain, guilt and identity.

The film is raising funds to complete post-production, so you can safely donate and pre-buy the film knowing you are supporting a promising piece of work that is almost complete.

Rewards include artwork, private screenings, producer credits or you can purchase the bicycle used in the movie.

Quoted from the Kickstarter page:

“We believe this film contains universal truths about war, global politics, and nationalism, giving voice to a perspective from WWII that is seldom heard from. For this reason, we want to reach as wide of an audience of possible, by way of the film festival circuit. We have a list of festivals we’d like to enter, but the entry fees for those festivals can add up quickly.”

I’m eager to see the finished film.


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